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We wrapped a lighter with organic hemp wick, called it a Bikwik and dubbed it The Bikwik Shop’s flagship product. The Bikwik is made of organic Bee Line Hemp Wick with organic beeswax and Bic lighter. Sesh with a cleaner flame and eliminate the taste of butane. Lighting with wick allows you to gain full potential of the flower’s natural terpenes while being slightly more friendly to the environment and your lungs. In turn, make your lighters last longer, resulting in less plastic waste and toxic fumes. Enjoy a good, well deserved toke with a cleaner, tastier, eco-conscious burn with the Bikwik! Available with thin (7 strands rolled) and thick (13 strands rolled) organic Bee Line Hemp Wick, the only 100% certified organic hemp wick on the market. Hemp wick can also be used for lighting hard to reach places such as a fireplace, tea-candles or BBQ, keeping it as natural and safe as possible! Oh yeah, and for every Bikwik sold, we will donate $1 to helping the honey cbee population through registered charities in Canada.

Wick Length:                                                                                                                                          Bikwik w/Thin Wick – 14′                                                                                                          Bikwik w/Thick Wick – 12.5′                                                                                                        (Ideal for outdoor use)                                      

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Thin Wick (O.G.), Thick Wick

Lighter Colour

Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black


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