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Share the LOVE while keeping the DISTANCE. KushKards new #Quarantine Greeting Card because these last couple of years has made us miss lots of people. Remind a few of those friends someone is toking about them from a far. Two match strikers located on the bottom of each card so users can strike a match and light what is attached!

KushKards are colourful, clever, fun, and unique greeting cards for the cannabis enthusiast. In our technology driven world, people have an even greater appreciation for thoughtful handwritten tokens of love and appreciation, making KushKards the perfect present. KushKards are different from your everyday store bought variety, especially since they always have what you need—a unique spot on each card to insert a pre-rolled item of your choosing and a complimentary match box and striker located on the bottom (that can be repeatedly used, by the way). An envelope is also included. The recipient of your KushKard will never have to search for a lighter to enjoy their treat!

Attaching your item of choice to a card is easy! Simply place your item of choice under the strings, pull the strings back and twist in place.

Please Note: Pre-roll (if) pictured is not included. It is illegal to ship any products containing marijuana in the mail.

Size: 5″ x 7″


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